What we do

Emma Ferien is a property management company focusing on managing holiday homes. We provide marketing, booking service and on site service for your property. Together with the house management company, we care for and look after the building to insure that functionality and appearance is kept at a high level.  With Emma Ferien as your management company you can be sure that your property is being taken care of in the best way and that the occupancy rate and rental return of your property reaches and maintain a high level.


Guest satisfaction & Marketing

We strive to achieve a high rate of customer satisfaction and a high rate of returning guests to insure a stable and growing guest stock. We see our guest’s satisfaction as one of the most important parts of our marketing strategy. We achieve a high customer satisfaction index through a high quality service with short response times on guest requests before and during and after their stay. Our main focus is to give our guests a problem free and memorable holiday in your house that meets their needs.


Property optimization & Maintenance

We provide our guests with a high quality accommodation in the most cost efficient way. We do this by actively advising and assisting our clients in improving and maintaining the actual property, both with regards to communal areas and to the individual units within the property. We always listen to our guests and their wishes as well as to our clients and their wishes and from there we strive to reach the best possible solution in order to reach our main goal of adding value to the property. 

We cooperate with our partner house management to keep the property well maintained at all times to insure rentability and property value.